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Publish the Name of Yahuwah

by Earl Allen

A well-documented 100+ page booklet showing the historic and linguistic roots of  the Sacred Name.

"the third greatest book in the world" Harry Keen, Corpus Christi, TX




Booklets by Earl Allen


Advent of the Messiah

The Haunted House

ELIYAHU - Is Sunday the Lord's Day?

The Passover Controversy

The Essenes & The Dead Sea Scrolls

October 22, 1844

There is a Demon Named Jesus

The Star of Their God

Booklets are $3.00 each

We pay the postage.


Make check or money order to Earl Allen at:

 The Oil Derrick

 P.O. Box 574

 Erin, TN 37061





T-Shirts come in

White with Blue Letters

True Blue with White Letters

Navy Blue with White Letters

$12.00 each



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