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1.  THAT believers should be converted and be subject to what the Scripture says.

 2.   THAT the Scriptures are the road map to the heavenly Jerusalem~ where the Messiah is now. (John 14:3)

 3.   THAT the Devil and his vicar (the pope) are anti-rnessiahs working together to persecute deceive and draw souls into perdition, just as they did together in the Dark Ages.

4.  THAT the Roman Catholic church is the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the earth (Revelation 17:5)

 S.  THAT those churches which have broken away from the Catholic church, yet still hold on to her dogma are her daughters.

 6.  THAT we should not have communication with devils and partaker of the "Eucharist" (the Roman Catholic cookie),

 7.  THAT we should not worship crosses nor six-pointed stars or any other satanic symbols.

8.  THAT Sunday is not the 7th Day "Shabbat~ of Scripture, and has no heavenly authority, but was a product of Babylonish practices adopted ~ the Roman Catholic Church.

9. THAT Christmas (or December 25) is not  the birthday of the Messiah of Israel, but the birth of the sun - at the winter solstice on the ancient Roman calendar.

10. THAT we should not hunt Easter eggs or chase bunny rabbits at the time of the Wave-sheaf.

 11. THAT Halloween is not so holy, but a favorite Roman Catholic holyday that celebrates the erroneous doctrine of Satan (Immortality of the soul)

12. THAT the name -Jesus- was not given to Joseph and Mary by the angel Gabriel (for one they were Hebrews).  Therefore it is not the only name -under heaven~ given for salvation, especially since the "J" is a modem invention of men's hands.

 13. That Yahushua died as the Passover Lamb in the midst of the 7Oth prophetic week

14. THAT the sacred name cannot be Yahweh since it is proven from early Catholic forefathers, such as Clement of Alexandria Egypt, teacher of the Gnostics, and  Origen, Thedoret & Epiphanius,  who hated the Jewish law, and kept Sunday. That they did not speak according to the law and the testimony. (see Isaiah 8:20)

 15. THAT the Essenes were sun-worshippers that prayed in the wrong direction, whom the Gnostics and Masons copied.

 16. THAT the Sanctuary was made after the pattern of the Sanctuary in heaven which Moses was caused to see -- Thus the real Sanctuary is in heaven, and not on this earth.

17. THAT when the stars fell in 1833, it was a sign of warning that the judgment was about to begin in heaven, which the day of Atonement ceremonies were typical of.

 18. THAT when YAHUSHUA comes  every eye shall see him (and not by TV or any other modern conveniences)  And the righteous who are resurrected, along with the faithful  living, will be caught up in the clouds to meet Him in the air, and journey to heaven.

 19. THAT the 7th Millennium will be spent by the righteous in heaven, not in old Jerusalem.

 20. THAT the Creator's calendar is in the heavens. And that we should notice the "light in the firmament" for our "sign" of the new month.

21. THAT we should take the first new moon in spring to start the sacred year, instead of taking a new moon that is still in the season of winter.

 22. That Moses did not have a watch or clock in use to determine the Vernal Equinox, thus he used a different method. The method he used determined that the sun was at the equator.

23. THAT we should not observe Sabbath from sunrise to sunrise. But from even unto even, shall you observe your Sabbath. (Lev. 23:32).

 24. THAT the Blessed Holy Spirit does not guide us into all error as charismatics are lead into,  but instead guides us into all Truth. (see John 16:13)

26. THAT the phrase "I AM THAT I AM" is the interpretation of the sacred name~ (Ex 3:14)

27. THAT light from the Scripture is progressive and will continue to shine more and more until the day of perfection (see Proverbs 4:18)

 28. THAT great rewards are waiting for those who believe in Scripture, and obey it-

 if you would like to join fellowship with heaven, you may do so by simply humbling yourself before the Creator and acknowledge the Truth of Scripture. (1Tim  2:4& Titus 1:1)

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