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Seven Times of Babylon

    In Daniel chapter 4 it tells of this seven times which are to pass over Babylon,

 7 times, or 360 x 7= 2520 prophetic years.                      

    The story seems to indicate that Babylon would come back into power.  It is a fact that anciently, the custom of preserving the roots of a tree was done by heating metal bands and wrapping them around the tree stump, this would preserve the roots and cause it to re-sprout and grow again.  It is interesting that Scripture uses “iron” and “brass” to preserve this stump representing Babylon, because iron represents  “Rome” (Dan 2:33) and brass represents  “Greece” (Dan 2:32).  In other words Greece and Rome would preserve Babylon.  Mainly the religion of Babylon.

    A tree sometimes represents a man (Ps. 1:3 etc.), but it can also represent a nation (see Mt. 21:18, 19).  Nebuchadnezzar was simply pantomiming what would happen to Babylon, just as Ezekiel was pantomiming what would happen to Israel (in Ezekiel chapter 4).

    So the next question is, when do we start the count for these seven times or 2520 prophetic days.  The Scripture itself seems to give us the answer in the next chapter Daniel 5.  When was Babylon cut down?  538 B.C.!  But notice the language from the holy watcher  “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PERES.”  This is measurement!  Mene is the Chaldean equivalent of a maneh or mina (see Luke 19:13 margin), which is 1,000 gerahs.  Tekel is Chaldean for  “shekel” which is 20 gerahs.  Sometimes anciently the  “T” and the  “sh” switched places.  Example Seraphim (Isa. 6:2) relates with Teraphim (see Gen. 31:19 margin) or images of  angels.  Titan or Teitan is Sheitan, the Arabian term of Satan (The Two Babylons p. 295).  Peres is half of a mina equaling 500 gerahs.  Therefore when we take these measurements and add them, and weigh Babylon it comes to 2520, evidently the precise time to begin the count.


 MENE  1000
 MENE  1000
 TEKEL    20
 PERES   500



  Thus from 538, seven times reach to 1982.

     Now you are asking, What is so significant about 1982?

     Consider that the seven times of Israel pointed to spiritual Israel, the Seventh-day Adventists at 1844.  Then perhaps the seven times of Babylon point to spiritual Babylon, the Catholic church and her daughters.

    Consider, that every major religious organization has been infiltrated and taken over by the Jesuits (including the Seventh-day Adventist Church).  They want everyone to stay in the mainstream organizations so that they can more easily be indoctrinated.  Anyone outside the main churches will be more difficult to brainwash.  According to Ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera, all the mainstream churches were taken over by 1980.  Dr. Rivera explained that when he was under the extreme oath of the Society of Jesus, he was told that a secret sign was to be given to the Jesuits world-wide when the ecumenical movement had successfully wiped out Protestantism, in preparation for signing of a concordat between the Vatican and the United States.

    “The sign was to be when a President of the U.S. took his oath of office facing an obelisk.  For the first time in U.S. history, the swearing in ceremonies were moved to the West front of the Capitol, and President Reagan faced the Washington Monument.  This happened January 20, 1981.” The Godfathers, Albero Part Three p. 26.  Chick Publications

    Ronald Reagan was against the CIA, and had plans to reduce them, he was shot in 1981.  Heaven only knows what they did to him while he was under.  But from that time forward ties began to be made as Reagan kept visiting with the pope.  The pope was also shot in 1981, his deadly wound was healed in 1982, on May 12, he went to Fatima Portugal to thank Mary for saving his life.

    In 1982 the pope went to Britain, whereupon the Anglican church joined league with the papacy.  It was a big deal because the Celtic church had long been known for resistance to popery and was considered to be strong Protestants.

    Neal C. Wilson president of the General Conference of his Seventh-day Adventist church stated, “. . . there is another universal and truly Catholic organization, the Seventh day Adventist church.” Adventist Review  March 5, 1981

    Should this surprise you?  Sister Ellen White wrote that the Jewish system of Religion became just like Roman Catholicism (Spirit of Prophecy Vol. 3 p. 44, 59).

    “There is a striking similarity between the Church of Rome and the Jewish Church at the time of (Messiah’s) first advent.” Great Controversy p. 568

    This speaks volumes, because Seventh-day Adventists are repeating the history of ancient Israel.  The chosen people had long looked for the coming of the Messiah.  What happened?  You know the story.  They weren’t ready!  Likewise Seventh-day Adventists have long looked for Messiah’s return, and yet so many are rejecting the truths which will help them to be ready for that day, namely the sacred name of YAHUWAH which will be on the forehead of the 144,000.  Also the statutes which teach how to apply the Ten Commandments to every day life, including the Feast days.  The result of rejecting truth is a strong delusion (see II Thess. 2:10, 11) which inevitably will result in forming an  “image to the beast”.

    Satellites were put in space in 1982!

    Benjamin Creme announced  “The Christ is Now Here”.  Fulfilling Mt. 24:5

    The Planetary alignment happened that year.  Partially fulfilling Luke 21:25

    Earthquakes began a new style that year, called swarmquakes. (Mt. 24:7)

    “We see not our signs.” Psalm 74:9

    The healing of the deadly wound is before our very eyes.  We know that when the National Sunday Law comes it is our sign to leave the cities immediately.  Nor let him that is abroad go home to get anything.  Because if you are an Adventist or Sabbath keeper, you are being watched, why be snared.  When the Sunday Law is passed, leave the cities immediately.  Actually, you should have been in the country by now already.  It’s later than you think!


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