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Preachers,  Awake !

     The following wonderful vision was given to Brother L. Vere Elliott after a time of earnest struggle in prayer for a new spiritual revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit.


 The  Vision

    I was in the midst of a great meeting hall.  The walls and the ceiling were covered with jewels and ornaments everywhere, and the windows were made of colored glass.  The hall was full of people, some rich, some poor, some sick, some crippled, some deaf, mute, and blind, but all had handcuffs and no one was free. 

     In the front of the meeting hall there was a large platform with a pulpit on the side and a large cage in which there was a huge, green serpent on the other side of it.  Hanging in the air between those two things, there was a string.  Just behind the sword there was a row of eight or ten men clothed in clerical robes, sitting one behind the other, every one seated a little above the one before him.

    The assembly looked at these men, and they looked upon the assembly.  There was silence for a while, until a thundering voice sounded from the pulpit as if it came directly from Elohim: “Who will declare the whole counsel of Elohim?”  The first clergyman arose with a Bible in his hand, and when he did so the old, green serpent uncoiled and stretched out hissing against the man with sparking eyes and protruding fangs, and the man of Elohim (falsely called so) sank back into his seat and placed the Bible under his chair.  Then the serpent stretched up its head and touched the sword (under which the man had to stand, when he should speak to the people) saying: “With this I shall kill you, if you obey the voice of Elohim!” 

 For a little while there was silence again.

    Then the voice sounded from the pulpit again: “Who will declare the whole counsel of Elohim?”  Then the second man in clerical robe arose, as if he would step forward, but again the serpent uncoiled against him, and he tumbled back in fear, sat down and placed his Bible under his chair.  The serpent again touched the sword with the same remark: “With this I shall kill you, if you obey the voice of Elohim!”

   For the third time the voice from the pulpit thundered, and the third man arose and sat down again, like the two before him.  Again and again the voice sounded, until each of the clergymen had had an opportunity to resist the serpent, but fear overcame all of them, like the first three had been overcome.  And then the serpent smiled with an evil smile.  O, what a vicious, snake-like smile it was!

    Then the voice sounded again from the pulpit: “O if there were a man, O if there were a man, O if there were a man who would declare the whole counsel of Elohim that these chained men might be set free!  Is there not one man?”  The first clergyman then took up a note-book full of sermons written down and appeared as if he would try to preach from it, but he stuck to his chair and endeavored in vain to rise.  Then a man, little of stature, ascended the platform and stood under the sword.  He lifted up his eyes towards heaven and said, “Into Thy hands, O Elohim, I commit my spirit!”  Then he opened a Bible and read.  He did not add anything to it, nor did he take anything from it.  He read the Word and spoke  “as a man having authority,” and when he had finished, the old serpent stretched up to the edge of the sword and cut off the one string with his fangs.  The sword swung down, but passed over the head of the man of Elohim, because he was  “a man, little of stature.”  The weight of the sword made the other string break, and the sword flung back and pierced the hearts of the clergymen and nailed all of them toward the wall.  A great scream of despair sounded from the platform, but an even greater scream of joy sounded from the assembly, for every man’s chain was loosed and he was set free.  

   When this vision had vanished (and it was truly a reality to me and to all those who were together with me in the prayer room), I saw another vision of the Saviour in a cloud just above my head.  He spoke saying, “Hear, my son, the meaning of these things.  The meeting hall, which you saw, is the secularized church ‘having a form of piety, but denying the power of it’.  They are all covered with jewels of the joys of this world, and there is no end to their silver and gold.  The people which you saw are those for whom I died, ‘but my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  They have eyes, but do not see, and they have ears, but do not hear’.  They are truly in bondage and must be set free.

    The platform which you saw, on which the clergymen were sitting, is  ‘preconceived ideas’ having their origin from the pit of hell.  The pulpit is the throne of Elohim, and the serpent is old Lucifer himself who because of his pride has set himself up as a ruler over the church, since he could not be equal to Me in heaven.

    The sword which you saw is the Word of Elohim, and the strings in which it was hanging mean the power of the Word to give life, and the power of the Word to take life.  Life was given to the  ‘man who was little of stature,’ and life was taken from the clergymen, which did not preach the Word.

    The clergymen which you saw are men from every church which pretends to know Me, but they teach My people things, which are not written in the Book of Life.  Their pride, presumption, and worldly spirit force them to obey Satan who is a liar and the father of lies.  Each of the clergymen tries to exceed the other in eloquence, in extensive writings, argumentations and the like, but they only consider  ‘the letter of the Word’ and leave out  ‘the Spirit of the Word’. ‘The day comes and is now at hand when they shall all perish likewise’.”

    After having considered this horrible scene, the Sovereign spoke again with these Words: “Do you remember My words in the prophecy of Jeremiah chapter 23 as well as My words in the prophecy of Ezekiel chapter 34? Read!”  I opened my Bible and read: “Woe unto the shepherds that destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture! saith YAHUWAH.” (v. 1).  “In the prophets have I seen a horrible thing: they commit adultery, and walk in falsehood, and strengthen the hands of evil-doers” (v. 14).  “At the end of the days ye shall understand it clearly” (v. 20).  “Woe to the shepherds that feed themselves!  Should not the shepherds feed the flock?” - “The weak have ye not strengthened, nor have ye healed the sick, and ye have not bound up what was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought for that which was lost; but with harshness and with rigor have ye ruled over them” (v.2 and 4). - “I will destroy the fat and the strong: I will feed them with judgment (ver. 16).

   Then He said unto me, “These false shepherds shall in no way escape, when the sword falls upon them, but My sheep must be warned, they must be set free.”  Again He said, “Do you remember My words in the prophecy of Jeremiah in the latter part of chapter 25? Read!  “And I read these words: “And the slain of YAHUWAH shall be at that day from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth. - Howl, ye shepherds - for the days of your slaughter have come” (v. 33, 34).

    Then He said to me, “These days shall come quickly.  The shepherds shall howl, yea, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, but when the sword has fallen, it will be too late for ever.

    The man, whom you saw, who was  “little of stature”, is every man or woman who will humble himself and be obedient even unto the death of the cross, putting his trust in Elohim and go forward declaring the whole counsel of Elohim.  O, if I could find such a man!  Can you tell Me, where there is one?  With such a man  I could shake heaven and earth.”

 (Sacred names and titles restored according to Matthew 17:11 & Isaiah 58:12)

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