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Lessons From Josiah

   "In the eighteenth year of Josiah's reign (YAHUWAH) chose him to super intend the repairing of the temple.  It was as this work was being done that the book of the law was found.  Through some mismanagement it had been lost, and the people had been deprived of its instruction.  Brethren, have any of you lost the book of the law?  Have not many of us lost sight of the precepts that are in the holy book?.... Josiah did not say, 'I knew nothing about this book.  These are ancient precepts, and times have changed.'  He appointed men to investigate the matter, and these men went to Huldah, the prophetess.

    In Josiah's day the word of (YAHUWAH) was as binding, and should have been as strictly enforced, as at the time it was spoken.  And today it is as binding as it was then."  General Conference Bulletin - April 1, 1903 (Lessons from Josiah) partially quoted in 3 BC 1133 by Ellen G White

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