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 Ten Commandment Protest in Alabama

     Down in sweet borne Alabama there is a reason why the 'skies are so Blue', because in Alabama the controversy over the Ten Commandments are raging, and threatening to go nation wide. You see there are hints in Scripture that the original set of Ten Commandments were written on Blue Stone, that is sapphire stone from YAHUWAH's very throne. Compare Exodus 24:10 with Ezekiel 1:26 & 10:1, 'as it were the body of heaven in his clearness (that is, light blue or true blue). Also the fringes or tassels the children of Israel were bidden to wear, they were instructed to be sure to include a 'ribband of blue.' This was to remind them of the commandments. See Numbers 15:38,39

    Judge Moore had placed a monument of the Ten Commandments at the Federal Building in Montgomery Alabama This did not set well with some of the govern­ment officials, so they had it removed. As a result many of the folks in Alabama are protesting this action and showing they're support for the Ten Commandments. Earlier this Spring I was working in Alabama doing forestry work, and ran across a large sigh in Green Pond Alabama with the Ten Commandments posted on it This sign was put up to show their support for the Ten Commandment Judge Moore. On June 8 I had no one to meet with for Pentecost, and the Holy Spirit impressed me to street preach in front of the sign


       Down in Alabama there are men bold enough and radical enough to wear a beard. Several of them would actually pause listening to me say, 'tell all those fancy Sunday preachers better get out of His way,' because they are the biggest liars on planet earth (1 John 2:4). One man drove back to get his family, and brought it them back to listen for good bit.

     I received a phone call from brother Harry Keen down in Corpus Christi Texas, and was encouraged to pass out some literature at the rallies held at the federal building in Montgomery Alabama. We were about half packed and wondering if I should take the family down to the ocean The phone call could not have been more timely. We were ready!

    We came into downtown Montgomery about 9:00 p.m.. the night after the monument had been removed and found a crowd of about 250 protesters. Not knowing what to expect I had about 200 fliers with me, so we covered most of the crowd. The folks received it gladly, even helping me pass it 0111. We hit the crowd with another 160 on the way back from the beach


The Conspiracy

    By getting down there and experiencing what's in the air down there, I am convinced the whole thing was staged from the beginning. The whole thing is an effort to unite church and state. James Dobson was there, and his footmen had big signs saying, 'separation of church and state is not in the Constitution.' Others carried signs say : 'separation of church and state is a myth.’

    There are many m the audience that are very sincere, that just have no idea of what is really going on. All they know is they are standing up for the Ten and supporting Judge Moore.

    Unless you've been 'carried away in the spirit into the wilderness' (Rev 17:3), a Hebrew expression of seeing what's going on behind the scenes, you won't know what's happening. Unless you know that the churches (the daughters) are infiltrated and controlled by MAMMA (the Roman Catholic church), you might not get the big picture.

    Once church and state are united, then they can make Sunday Laws etc. which leads to persecuting those who believe in keeping the ancient Sabbath, the same day that Jews kept!

    Why Alabama? Alabama is known for its civil rights movement, Martin Luther King started his civil rights campaign in Alabama.

    The issue that needs to be confronted head on is, which day is Shabbat! That the seventh-day of the week is not Sunday, and that obedience to the fourth commandment is required of us by YAHUWAH Elohim

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